• Students at Columbia Heights High School take several important tests each year:

    Grade Tests
    9 EXPLORE 
    10  MCA Reading, PLAN, Advanced Placement, MCA Science (if student has taken biology
    11  MCA Math, Accuplacer, ACT, Advanced Placement, MCA Science (if student has taken biology as a junior)
    12  ACT, Advanced Placement

    College Readiness Standards

    ACT sets benchmarks for what they believe to be scores that show a student is "College Ready." Students who meet these established benchmarks, and are taking college-prep course work are, according to ACT, on track to be successful in first-year college courses in the subject area tested.

    For more information about College Readiness Standards, as well as a guide to understand what your student's scores mean they know and what they may need to work on to increase their scores, view the College Readiness Standards.

    Below you will find the benchmarks for each of the three tests:

    Test English Math Reading Science
    EXPLORE (8) 13 17 15 20
    EXPLORE (9) 14 18 16 20
    PLAN 15 19 17 21
    ACT 18 22 21 24