Personalized Learning in CHPS

  • Personalized Learning Mission

    In Columbia Heights Public Schools we know that every student learns differently and it is our goal to meet the needs of all learners to ensure they reach their full potential. Personalized learning is a shift in teaching and learning focused on meeting that goal. We are using cutting edge technology to support classroom learning and differentiate instruction to engage students, support the core curricular areas and enhance the learning experience.

    We are providing a 21st century learning environment that offers individualized instruction, ongoing formative assessment, and engaging access to our digital learning platform. Focused on fostering confident learners who design their own future, the personalized learning program uses 1:1 tablets or Chromebooks to provide students and teachers with mobility and flexibility to maximize their learning in and out of the classroom.
    Personalized Learning graphic By introducing personalized learning into the conversations that are already happening around best practices for instruction in our district, we can give our students new opportunities and develop life skills that will lead to their success after they leave our district. By introducing  more technology into our instruction, we can provide more equitable access to materials for all students and provide education related to technology-based skills in an effort to address the need to prepare students for success in an ever-increasingly global and “connected” society.

    Instructionally, personalized learning prompts a shift from whole-group, one-size-fits-all, teacher-directed instruction to a more individualized, student-centered approach. In Columbia Heights Public Schools, this shift is facilitated through the use of technology. By harnessing the data and individualization features of education technology tools, teachers can quickly gather formative assessment data on their students, give students the capability to move through content at their own individualized pace, and provide choices to students in their coursework that were previously unavailable or more difficult to manage.

    There are five elements to personalized learning: Choice, Pace, Path, Data, and Mode.

    Choice includes giving options to students based on their needs, interests and abilities. It also includes giving students some level of control over the pace, path and product of their learning.
    Relating to the timing of content, students move at a pace that is appropriate for their readiness levels and needs.

    Relating to the order of content, students will master many of the same concepts but the paths that lead them there will look different.

    The use of technology often affords teachers more data on student learning, which allows them to adjust instruction to better personalize learning.

    Students learn in a way that is optimized for their learning.