North Park Elementary School Improvement Needs (Question 1)

    Safety and security concerns and space deficiencies that limit programs and learning opportunities for students.

    • Safety and security concerns at the building entrance, student drop-off and playground areas creating potential dangerous situations for our students and staff.
    • Aging and insufficient learning spaces that limit programs and learning opportunities that are required to prepare students for success in a world that is very different than it was in 1966.

    Upgrade learning spaces to prepare students to succeed in a world that is very different than when these buildings were built over 50 years ago.

    The improvements planned for North Park Elementary address the school’s building security and educational needs to be comparable with other schools in the District and area. The safety and security of our students and staff are the foundation for a thriving school.

    • A secure single point of entry for all visitors.
    • School offices located at the new entrance, which provide enhanced security and customer service.
    • A separate entrance and exit specifically for buses, separating the buses from the playground, and a new entry/exit and parking lot for other vehicles, enhancing the safety and security of daily activities at the school.
    • Update early childhood and kindergarten space that facilitate innovative hands-on learning programs.
    • Improve learning spaces for science, art, media arts and a school library.
    • Improve learning spaces to support our students receiving Special Education programming.
    • Separate the cafeteria from the gymnasium.

    Budget: $$12,476,758 (Site work, Additions, Extensive Remodel, Contingency, Owner/Soft Costs -- professional fees, permits, testing, furniture, technology, insurances, surveys, bidding, etc.)


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  • For more information on the 2018 Bond Referendum, contact Director of Technology, Security and Building Operations Bryan Hennekens at 763-528-4479.