2014 Capital Projects Levy

  • The Columbia Heights Public Schools community passed a new 10-year Capital Projects Levy Nov. 4, 2014 allowing this District to work on much-needed capital projects. The voter-approved Capital Project Levy provides $10 million over a decade, starting with Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016). During this timeframe, this District will invest approximately $1 million annually into facilities (60 percent) and technology (40 percent).

    Each year District administrators will report out to the School Board and community the status of the facilities and technology projects funded by the 2014 Capital Projects Levy. In addition to reporting out to the School Board, the District will include 2014 Capital Project Levy information in applicable district publications and provide updates with the support of the news media. Please use this page and links to learn more about how Columbia Heights Public Schools is investing in facilities and technology, all of which will help create worlds of opportunity for every learner.

    Leading up to the 2014 Capital Project Levy, Columbia Heights Public Schools provided factual information to the community as to how the District would invest taxpayer's monies each fiscal year. The following charts, updated annually, reflect what the District reported it would do in terms of facilities (60%) and technology (40%). The charts below show the projects, by fiscal year, and their status.

    Fiscal Year* 2016 Facilities Planned/Completed Projects


    Fiscal Year 2016 Technology Planned/Completed Projects


    Parking/Drive improvements - Highland Elementary School, District Center, Columbia Heights High School  Completed Purchased, inventoried and initial levy funded distribution of student devices and tools - 5th and 8th grades Completed
    Brick tuck-pointing study - Columbia Academy  Completed Network infrastructure upgrading - CA & NPES Completed
    Replacing main entry windows - Columbia Heights High School  Completed Staff Development - Districtwide Completed
    Replacing and/or repairing roofs, windows, doors, plumbing and casework  Deferred Increasing Internet bandwith Completed 
    Replacing or repairing furnances and boilers - Columbia Heights High School Deferred Improving parent and student portal technology systems Completed 
    Resurfacing athletic track - Columbia Heights High School Deferred Increasing technology systems for safety and security Completed 
    Improving signage - Columbia Heights High School, Highland Elementary School Completed Installing, replacing, supporting and maintaining software Completed 

    Fiscal Year* 2017 Facilities Planned/Completed Projects


    Fiscal Year* 2017 Technology Planned/Completed Projects


    Parking/Drive/entrance and exit improvements - Valley View Elementary School Completed Personalized Learning Initiative expansion
    (4th through 9th grades)
    Brick tuck-pointing, Columbia Academy Completed  Purchasing additional student devices Completed
    Cold Water Repiping - Columbia Heights High School Completed  Network infrastructure upgrades - Columbia Heights High School and Highland Elementary School Completed
    Improving signage - Valley View Elementary School Completed  Classroom technology upgrades - Districtwide Completed
        Staff Development - Districtwide Completed

    Fiscal Year* 2018
    facilities projects


    Fiscal Year* 2018
    technology projects


    Replacing windows at Columbia Academy In Progress Expanding networks and infrastructure capacity
    for wireless access - Valley View
    New Heating, Ventalation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) - Columbia Heights High School  Completed Classroom technology upgrades - Districtwide  Ongoing
        Personalized Learning Initiative expansion
    (4th through 11th grades)
        Professional Development Staffing Support Ongoing

    * Fiscal Year: July 1 through June 30.

    This District also contributed existing funds toward Capital Facility projects. The following charts shows capital projects, by Fiscal Year, not funded by the 2014 Capital Projects Levy. 

    Fiscal Year 2016 Projects



    Secure front entry (Audio visual remote system) North Park Elementary School Completed
    Broken steam pipe repair Highland Elementary School Completed 
    New windows Columbia Heights High School Completed 
    Remodel old kindergarten rooms Valley View Elementary School Completed
    Update signage District Center, Highland Elementary School,
    Columbia Heights High School

    Fiscal Year 2017 Projects



    Performance studio build-out Columbia Heights High School  Completed
    Update signage Valley View Elementary School  Completed
    Repair Parking District Center, Columbia Heights High School  Completed
    Replace upper windows and doors Highland Elementary School  Completed
    Carpet classroom Columbia Heights High School Defer
    Kitchen flooring Columbia Heights High School Defer 

    Fiscal Year 2018 Projects



    Purchase two vans Districtwide In Progress
    District Center maintenance and replacement District Center Completed
    Playground Valley View Elementary School Completed
    Band Instruments Districtwide In Progress
    Miscelleanous Districtwide In Progress

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    For questions about capital facilities projects, call Director of Finance and Operations Kristine Carr at 763-528-4411. For questions about capital technology projects, call Director of Technology and Security Services Bryan Hennekens at 763-528-4479.